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We can assist you with the following residency matters:

• Application for a residence permit

• Visa application

• Work permit application

• Naturalisation application

• Legal aid for your asylum procedure

• Legal aid for your regular procedures

• Legal representation during trials

• Procedures in regards to obtaining Dutch Citizenship, e.g. a Dutch passport

Application for residence permit

If you want to reside in the Netherlands and do not have Dutch nationality, you have to have a provisional residence permit to be admitted to the Netherlands. This provisional residence permit can be applied for at the Dutch representation in the country of origin or at the Dutch representation in a neighbouring country. This procedure for a provisional residence permit takes 3 to 6 months. The Netherlands has a restrictive admission policy. A residence permit is only granted based on international obligations, or if the State of the Netherlands has an interest in your admission, or for humanitarian reasons.

Professional Skills

The State of the Netherlands is assumed to have an interest if a foreign national’s specific professional skills make them a match for a certain job vacancy, which cannot be filled by the available labour supply on the Dutch job market: the highly-skilled migrant scheme. The application for a work permit for non-EU nationals has to be submitted by the future employer of the foreign national. The State of the Netherlands is also assumed to have an interest if the foreign national wants to start a business in the Netherlands that provides economic, cultural or social added value to the Netherlands.


Existing Connection with Dutch Citizens

A common reason to grant a residence permit is the existence of a connection with Dutch citizens. A residence permit may for instance be granted to stay with: a (future) spouse, partner, parents or minor children. There is usually a requirement for the person who the foreign national wants to reside with to have sufficient financial resources to provide for the foreign national. This income requirement does not apply in case of residence with minor children.

Provisional Residence Permit

A foreign national who has instituted proceedings, based on a right of option, at the civil division of the Court of The Hague (the so-called nationality court), pursuant to Article 17 of the Netherlands Nationality Act, so as to determine Dutch nationality, can obtain a provisional residence permit while the decision on the application is pending. Should the application not be wholly unfounded, the provisional residence permit requirements will not be invoked.

Application for short-stay visa

In general, a valid visa is required for admittance into the Netherlands. You can apply for a visa at the Dutch Embassy in the country of origin, or in the country from which you want to travel to the Netherlands, or at the Visa Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands.

For citizens from a number of countries, such as citizens of European Union member states, no valid visa is required for admittance into the Netherlands. We are more than willing to provide you with further advice regarding, or offer assistance in handling, your visa application.

Indispensable Professional Guidance

A residence permit is granted by the Dutch Minister for Immigration, Integration and Asylum Policy. The residence permit is usually valid for one year, after which you can apply for an extension. Should an application be rejected, Dutch law offers legal remedies to contest this rejection.

Applying for a residence permit can be a long and complicated process. In many cases, you cannot do without professional help, and our office is therefore happy to assist you with our legal expertise.

If you have any questions on your residency options, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fear of Persecution in Country of Origin

Foreign nationals can apply for admission as a refugee when they fear persecution in their country of origin based on:

• Race

• Religion

• Nationality

• Belonging to a certain social group

• Being a member of a certain political group

A foreign national can also be admitted if he cannot leave the Netherlands for reasons beyond his power.

Other Grounds

Other reasons for granting a residence permit are:

• Studying at a Dutch university or college

• Undergoing medical treatment

• Working as an independent entrepreneur

• Working as a knowledge migrant

Application for a work permit for non-EU nationals

If you want to come to the Netherlands to work here, you usually need a provisional residence permit for the intended purpose of stay and a work permit for non-EU nationals. Your employer has to apply for this work permit for you.

Such a work permit will be granted if the employer can show that the vacancy concerned cannot be filled by a Dutch citizen. This concerns a serious burden of proof, often requiring professional legal assistance.


For most European Union and European Economic Area citizens, the rules are less strict. Their access to the Dutch labour market is the same as that of Dutch citizens. A work permit is not required.

We will be happy to provide you with additional information and to assist you in obtaining:

• A visa

• A provisional residence permit

• A work permit for non-EU nationals

• A residence permit