KING Juridisch Adviseur



The immigration law is on the move. The abolishment in 1994 of mandatory legal representation marked a turning point in the development of immigration law.

With this legislative amendment, the legislator apparently wanted to achieve that the actions of the legal assistance provider would be legitimised, more so than previously, by the client’s approval for the proposed approach, as a consequence of his right to ‘proper legal assistance’, instead of by the counsellor’s right of appeal.

The legally trained legal assistance provider has to act in the best interest of his client, and because the client can rely on this, it forms the basis of his approval.

Practical Experience

Our legal counselling firm has practised law since 1 March 1993 and we know the industry inside-out. Our expertise comes from our many years of practical experience with:

• Immigration law

• Nationality law

• Humanitarian law

Additionally, we are certified mediators in disputes.


Obligation of Trust

We have a duty to make the client believe in our efforts. This must be established before the assignment is accepted. At this stage, we must make the client aware of the possibility of financed legal aid. We are obligated to do so, because we want the client to make a conscious choice for the type of legal assistance he prefers.

To boost your confidence in our expertise, we would like to point out that we work according to the ethical rules laid down by the Netherlands Association of Legal Advisers. We have also been a member of the American Immigration Counsellors Association and the International Bar Association for a number of years now.